Goblins and Clockworks

The Goblins and Clockwork descriptions and racial traits are now fully complete. Right now I’m trying to flush out the detials on the Ebyys and Gnomes. I am also working on a Campaign map in Photoshop. It will probably be rather crude, so if thier are any self-proclaimed map-makers out thier, your assistance in making it look better would be great. Shemdelver is a very small earth, with a good handful of islands. I will probably make the world map first, then afterwards, make regional maps. Another thing I’ll be working on is modifying the Warforge feats found in Eberron to fit my Clockworks. I will be doing each task on and off, until I have a brillant idea to pin down the concept I have in mind for a paticular part of the campaign I’ll be working on (does that make any sense?).

O, one more thing.  The remaining of the Old Races: Humans and Halfings are not yet added to the database.  Humans will be remaining exactly the same as in the PHB with an ECL 0 rating.  Halfings however, I envisioned as a nomatic sea going people, and will be making the adjustments accordingly.  Halfings will however, be ECL 0 as well.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys later.


~ by zarndelius on July 8, 2006.

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