Welcome to the world of Shemdelver

Shemdelver is a campaign setting for AD&D D20 system.  It is 100% Homebrewed, with help from many opensources, (especially the races), and I would like to give thanks to the official boards of AD&D at wizards.com.

As you can tell Shemdelver is still a work in progress, and any comments or ideas, as long as they are constructive, is strongly encouraged.  This could include mechanical issues, balancing, or flavor of some aspects of the world.

Below is a short ROUGH DRAFT behind the whole idea of Shemdelver, though it may be changed later for more of a ‘realistic’ feel to it.

Shemdelver is supposed to be a post Steampunk based game, where the governments hold much of the wealth, and the middle class is pratically extinct.  The Ancient technology of the previous age are perserved by the various governments, and are mostly controlled by them as well.  In the Ancient Wars machines, biomancy, necromancy, and odd arcane magic was used in the most un-imaginable ways to spell defeat to the enemies.  1000 years have passed, and civilization has ben built on top of the ashes of the once bustling and thriving kingdoms of old.  The Old Races, (Goblins, Kobolds, Humans, and Halfings) are the only reniments from the pass, as all other ancient races, long forgotten have died; except the Clockworks, whos very existance is a mystery to all men.  They each have found a new way to survive and work together in this new age of fathom, illness, and poverty as old alliences have been forgotten.  A new species of people have sprouted from the Ancient war, the reason no one really knows, but include the people of the Fey: Gnomes and Elfs.  The celestial like people named the _____  have also come to existance, and are accredited to ending the Ancient War. The Dwarves, whom by a chance of the Arcane practices of the Ancient War, have also came into existance on this plane, previously natives of the elemental planes.

In this time of a uneasy peace, cruel plots are thickening, patience is thinning, and the lives of countless men are hanging in the balance.

Together, with new faces roaming the Island world of Shemdelver, the races have learn to live in a very unsteady peace.


~ by zarndelius on July 8, 2006.

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