WordPress is kicking my ass

Well, I’ve fixed the Clockwork race, made world map, timeline, and I would like to finish the fluff of every race.  HOWEVER, for some odd reason my pages won’t update, instead; everytime I try to save my work I get an alert prompt stating that if I go away from the page, all work will not be saved.  So I’m at a stalemate.  I checked the FAQs, and no answers to my problem exist.

Alas, here is the intel on the updates:

Clockworks:  Thier is now only one type of Clock work, the Coretapper.  I have also added to racial relations and religion.

World Map:  Its Huge!  It was made in Photoshop CS2, and has every island-state, and each capital and city of the respected Island-state.  I believe thier are about eight major land masses, one which is shared by the goblins and kobolds.  With as many cities thier are, I have created a major task for myself to tackle.  I plan on IMAP’ing the Worldmap where you can zoom into different sections to see a zoomed in detialed map of that paticular region.  Each state has at least 2 cities, and up to about 9 cities.  Though most hold about 5.

Timeline:  The timeline is probably the only project I have tackled that will make this project easier.  It will probably see a couple modifications through out the creation of Shemdelver, but its a step in the right direction.

I would also like to note I have added the main langauges of Shemdelver.  Let it be known these are not the only langauges, but the mainstream ones.  I will have to edit each races natural and bonus langauges accordingly.


~ by zarndelius on July 12, 2006.

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