Races Have Been Updated.

The Races of Shemdelver have been updated, by next Sunday, the classes will be completed, along with an updated version of the firearms and a few other pieces of unique equipment to Shemdelver.

Note to current players:

Before we start playing the campaign again, you will have the liberty to change races if it fits you flavor and doesn’t effect the storyline or background of your PC too much. The PC’s will need adjusting regardless (but it will be benefical to you, and act as a refreshment course since we haven’t played in awhile). Stay tuned for slightly modified or additional classes. The only heavily changed class will be the fighter. Classes in general will be taken from Pathfinder SRD and Midnight D20 setting. A few new classes to focus on the steam-punk feel will be introduced as well.

I plan to have the Shemdelver campaign running again within 30 Days.


~ by zarndelius on May 20, 2011.

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