Shemdelver D20 “The Second Age”

After years of being untouched, the Shemdelver campaign will be undergoing a major update to be playable for a campaign I will be DM’ing. The Realm of Shemdelver, ‘The Second Age’ is a realm where the mighty Balor Empire has recently fallen. Despite the Empire’s evil domination over the realm, it brought many technological advancements to the realms, called steamcraft. Now, thanks to an ancient spell rumored to be cast by a cult of wizards, the realm is free. It came with a price though, as the ancient and forbidden spell created an Armageddon, and though certain city-states have collaborated together to make loosely governed empires, the land is in turmiol and the people have been cut off from any divine intervention or aid. Steamcraft technology may be found across the lands, and only the Goblins of Abbaklrenic have started the process of reverse enigneering some the devices. The undead roam freely through out the lands, arcane abominations haunt the realms as they seek destruction, great arcane and steamcraft artifacts from the past threaten the very existence of the realm all while the remaining life on Shemdelver fight for existence. The Realm of Shemdelver is a realm devoid of Divine Magic, with undead, steamcraft constructs and abominations lurking at every corner. A fantasy steam-punk hybrid scenario of the wild west and the fall of the Roman Empire. Welcome to Shemdelver.


~ by zarndelius on May 20, 2011.

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