Sneak Preview?

Well, until this week is over, the updating to Shemdelver is completed. The Alchemical Transmogrifist is somewhat of a surprised class I made, but it will be playable when we start (taking into consideration it’s in beta-mode). If your class has not been finished yet, not to worry, those classes will be next. For a preview the following changes will likely be made:

  • Berserker will be able to read, and his rage will be whirl wind attack. Trap Sense and DR will be taken away for something more useful, and the Beserker will get benefits every other level or two that functions while he is in Rage.
  • Wizard. All wizards are focus specialist (banned from 3 schools), and the spell point system will dictate there spells known/cast. With the wizard class the full rule set of spell points will be posted. All wizards will loose the familiar for something more favorable (flavor wise). Lastly, particular abilities will be granted depending on what school you specialize in.
  • Rogue will act as it does now, but perhaps with a bit more skill points and a few special abilities in replace of the current ones.

~ by zarndelius on May 28, 2011.

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