Rule Implentation for Evil Campaign.

The current campaign we play where we tend to slaughter each other, make a zombie on the fly, and have a dark skinned friend, Shawn has this rule implementation he wished me to share:

Becoming Fatigued and Exhausted:

When a character enters combat he exhaust himself of his mental and physical energy. Because of this, not everyone can charge through combat and not eventually become fatigued.  At the start of each combat, for each round a character does an action (move, cast a spell, use a weapon, etc) he comes closer to potentially becoming fatigued. A PC has 10 rounds + (Con Modifier) rounds before he must make a save to avoid being fatigued.

At the start of the round right after the 10 + (Con Mod) rounds, a PC must make a save, using his best save. (If a character has a high Fort save, his body is naturally sturdy and resilient to becoming fatigued, if high will, through sheer determination he presses on, and if high reflexes, his dexterous aptitude allows him to make the most efficient moves requiring the smallest of energy). If he fails that save he then becomes fatigued, if he saves, he must keep making the save at the start of every round. Once a character becomes fatigued, he has (Con Mod) rounds until he must make a save to not become exhausted, each time he saves, he must make another save at the start of the following round until combat ends..


A fatigued character can neither run nor charge and takes a -2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity. Doing anything that would normally cause fatigue causes the fatigued character to become exhausted. After 8 hours of complete rest, fatigued characters are no longer fatigued.


An exhausted character moves at half speed and takes a -6 penalty to Strength and Dexterity. After 1 hour of complete rest, an exhausted character becomes fatigued. A fatigued character becomes exhausted by doing something else that would normally cause fatigue.



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