Small Update.

Since we will be gaming in Shemdelver Sunday, I figured I would bring some topics into the light to speak:

  • Alchemy, Poisons, & Herbalism in conjunction with the skill Heal, will allow you to brew non-magical potions. I suggest looking under the “Equipment” Section to familiarize yourself with these, especially if you choose to have your PC practice one or more of these skills. Also “Brew Potion” feat will allow you to apply metamagic feats to one such skill (alchemy, herbalism, poison) if you purchase the metamagic feats as well. The modified rules greatly increase the power of such skills, which fits the flavor of Shemdelver.
  • Beserker. Yes it has went through many modifications, and during play might go through some more. Currently, under the current set up, if a Beserker had a Great Axe, he can potentially do 4d8 damage with one strike, and this is simply with no magical effects. This and his increased natural AC, and debuffing techniques, he may need some further adjustments. I wish to give the Beserker options as the other classes, as well as fill his own niche without stepping on anyone’s toes.
  • The Base classes were built with one idea in mind, playing X class, will he have to prestige to feel important.  The answer I wish for is “No”. This makes possible prestige classes a lesser option. This I see as a good thing. I also wished for dual classed PC’s not to have the benefits of both worlds without a larger sacrifice.
  • Spellweave, read it. For those familiar with the gas, I’ve giving you access to the rules and specifics I work with, for those that aren’t, read it, it’s a critical part in roaming around Shemdelver.
  • The Musketeer will become a prestige class.
  • Paragon Classes will eventually come to pass.
  • Epic Level Rules will eventually be written.
  • Massive Threshold damage will be written today, look for it under other.
  • Reserve Points will be wiped clear or adjusted, so keep an eye out for it.
  • Feats. A few feats will be added or adjusted as needed. Keep an eye out for this under the “Feats & Skills” the only one I see needing adjusting currently is Herbalism. This will be written today. Also such feats as “Heavy Weapon”
  • Gas Masks and such will be written up today.
  • DM Points, I might get to this today.
Your’s Truly

~ by zarndelius on June 16, 2011.

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