Summer Campaign 3.5 Shemdelver

As mentioned previously, I find putting off long-lasting campaigns obsolete anymore due to numerous of reasons. I have also gauge great interest in the Classic Shemdelver Campaign setting. However, I still wish to start fresh. To meld these two desires into one, we will simply have a summer long campaign setting in Shemdelver, with new PC’s. So here is the gist of it all (In no particular order).

  •  Base classes will be Pathfinder, in fact all of Pathfinder will be used in conjunction with the 3.5 system. If two versions of the same rule exist, Pathfinder trumps.
  • Shemdelver always trumps Pathfinder.
  • With that said, Shemdelver races only.
  • Maximum Threshold Damage will be used, I’ll post that later, but keep this in mind.
  • Mutation Threshold, for simplicity sake: If you have more mutation points then Character level, you become an abomination.
  • Still No Divine Magic. If you wish to be able to heal, be an elf, or fine another cleaver way (enlighten fist, Complete Arcane), or the best method is to take Herbalism feat, which will allow you to replicate a number of 3rd and under healing/protection if you have the alchemy or healing skill. More details on the feat page.
  • For this particular game, we will be using the 32 point buy system. Stats due to racial adjustments are added after purchasing stats.
  • No Flaws
  • You will have a chance of starting with mutations depending on numerous of factors, that is because you are level 10. Yes, 10.
  • I will NOT accept a PC unless it comes with a general history/background/quirks/traits/etc. Give me something I can use in game. I’m a lazy DM.
  • The intro to the Campaign is below, but again, except Shemdelver as you know it, unless otherwise stated. Please remember you do not need to be a full caster when reading the below intro, but you should have at least one caster level. Explaining why you haven’t progressed might be needed. There are many prestige classes that combine casters with rogues, monks, fighters, gunslingers, and what have you.

You are apart of an elite organization that acts as the Council of Magi’s hand. The Council of Magi is the political assembly of the City of Towers, headed by the Magus Zarndelius. The organization is known as the Templars. To be a citizen of the City of Towers, one must be born with the talent (arcane ability), and some of these individuals are recruited to the ranks of the Templars.

Although rank, respect, and the chain of command is determined by achievement and loyalty to the cause, those that are part of a higher house are capable of higher ranks and access to the inner-workings of the Magi Council. The Houses are divided into 9 sections. The house that you belong to is strictly determined by the spell level you are capable of casting. (Keep this in mind) when building your PC. Often Templars wear emblems on their clothing signifying which house they belong to, this is considered formal attire, and quickly distinguishes the higher ranking Templars.


~ by zarndelius on April 16, 2012.

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