Classes of Shemdelver

The Realm of Shemdelver has various classes that are found amongst adventurers to reflect the steam-punk, arcane fueled, dark ages of the world. Below are short descriptions of the available classes a player character may choose. Please note that in the Realm of Shemdelver their is no divine magic or gods, so such classes that rely on that particular source in anyway for power do not exist. Please note the two classes “Steamforge Engineer and Musketeer” are completely new classes tailored to the Shemdelver concept, thus they are in the beta version. Minor modifications may be implemented during play if a player chooses one of the two classes mentioned.

Berserker:  His style of fighting is rash, brute, and fueled with raw emotion.  His technique might seem fool-hardy to others, but it gets the job done. They charge into battle without hesitation, and strike fear into enemies hearts.

Fighter: The master of arms to arms combat, able to use any weapon as a master, and don any armor. They learn numerous techniques and surpass anyone in sheer melee or range combat.

Wildlander: These lone wolfs survive in the most hostile conditions as they wonder the lands filled with undead, demons, abominations, and the deadly spell-weave gas. Able to keep hidden in the wilderness, and survive while doing so, they also make decent fighters, especially against particular those they swore to annihilate.

Wizard: Wizards are masters of arcane magic. Although wizards become very deadly if they master their trade, they are always hunted down by the Occult, an organization that strikes fear in any arcane wielder.

Sorcerer: Sorcerer’s are natural magical beings, as the arcane gift runs through their blood. They are more durable then those with ‘the calling’ (wizard), and tend to have more mana. They are, as the wizard, hunted by the Occult.

Alchemical Transmogrifist: Adventures that tinker with steamcraft technology and the spell-weave gas. They become masters of manipulating such things to their favor. Students of exotic sciences and theories, they may improve themselves through concoctions made of the spell-weave, alchemical based bombs for weaponry, and create clockwork creations they may control. (Beta)

Musketeer: Although musketeers are rare, due to the rarity of their weapon, they do exist, especially amongst the goblins of Abbaklrenic. Masters of the firearm, musketeers have a sharp eye and fast hand they use with deadly effectiveness when a firearm is in their possession. (Beta)

Rogue: A Rogue is stealthy, skillful, and a dexterous adversary that you’d hope to be lucky enough to see in combat.


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