It is now year 300 in the Age of the Titans, three hundred years after the Sundered Ages. In the Sundered Ages, when the material plane was cut off from the other realms, Shemdelver was in an unsteady Cold War between the two power houses of the Occult and the Circle of Mages. In Year one of the Age of the Titans, a group of Seraphs awoken Bahamut, and later the roar of Tiamat was soon heard through out the lands.  The spellweave since then has dwindled, and wild magic zones have became less common, and lastly the undead ceased to roam the realms.  After the alliance led by Zarndelius’s right hand man, the Chosen One of Bahamut, defeated Thanos and forced him underground and scattered his armies, the dust settled. The multiple city-states and nations of the realm who originally favored the Occult allowed Zarndelius to rebuild his City of Towers under the pretense that he would control his own kind. The Treaty of the Kopraankest demanded all Mages and Sorcerrers to be licenses by the Circle of Mages. Those who are not are known as Malificars, and thus international outlaws. However, the Circle of Mages has ceased the sell and barter of many magical items, and they currently hold a monopoly on it. Yet, when the nation of Abbaklrenic was freed from Thanos’s grasp, the Nation experienced an industerial boom like no other, thanks to the tinkering of the goblins, they learned to harness the power of alchemy, coal, and steam.  With their crafty hands, cunning intelligence, and love for money, they have created the Engineering Guild, in which leads the now industrializing world in Steamtek.


Most steamtek items weigh at least 10 pounds or twice it’s normal weight, mainly due to all the gears, whistles, and tanks used to make the technology work. Steamtek items run off either: Gunpowder, refined coal, or alchemy liquids. Refined Coal is 25 gold pieces a stash (form of measurement). Lastly, any steamtek Technology that requires a roll of a D20 and rolls a one is considered broken. When using a Steamtek Device the user recieves a -10 on Stealth checks for one round, and -10 on Perception checks (thanks to the loud clanking noise it makes and the steam it produces).

Iron Battering Gauntlet:

The Iron Battering Gauntlet fits around the whole arm and fist of the user, and weighs 10lbs. It requires a tank of black powder to function, and a standard action to activate. Upon Activation, any unarmed attack made with that arm gets the property of True Strike for the next round.

Alchemist Tanks:

Alchemist Tanks weight about 10lbs, and are designed to hold either refined coal, alchemy liquids, or black powder. It comes with a hose that attached to the device it fuels. Usually worn on the back. Each tank will hold up to 10 stashes.

IronSpitter:  The Iron Spitter is a large bazooka like gun that does 1d6 damage each stash expended in that round. It uses alchemy liquid (fire or ice) to fuel. It is considered a touch attack with anyone within a 10ft line of the user. The Bazooka takes two hands to use, and weighs 10 pounds.

Alchemical Blade: The Alchemist blade can be used with any blade. It uses a tank for fuel (alchemy liquids). It allows the blade to be treated as a Flaming Tongue or the likes.

Chain Blade:
Made for a short sword or bigger sword, the Chain Blade has ridged teeth along it’s blade that are rotated about by a chain. The blade weighs no more then a normal sword of it’s type, but it does require an Alchemist Tank and refined coal. As a Standard Action, the wielder may activate the Chain Sword. For the next round, the sword will hit with a Touch Attack. Due to the violent shaking of the blade, it does require two hands to wield.


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