DM Points.

DM Points are rewarding through out the game, and mostly at least at the end of each gaming session. You may earn DM Points through the recognition of your peers by exceptional gameplay (roleplaying and/or tactics, along with a lucky strike — such as hitting a bad guy 100 meters away with a shuriken, and critical hit as well).

DM Points are a main sort of currency for your PC. This is what you may purchase with them.

1 DM Point:

  • One free re-roll. This re-roll may be used for anyone, including enemies and friends alike. A reroll purchase is considered an immediate action. You are simply coaching or psyching out the target as they follow through with the action.

2 DM Points:

  • You may buy an extra swift action, which may not be used to do other DM points purchasing, or cast a spell higher then a third level spell (the spell level is considered after metamagic feats).

5 DM Points:

  • If your Character dies, and is able to be raised by some means, he must also use up 5 DM Points to be resurrected, or the spell does not function. The caster must have these points or the dead PC. If a friend of the caster or one being resurrected wishes to give some of there life force to the spell, he must be within arms length of the caster.
  • You may purchase one level of your paragon class, and you may only do this once per 5 PC levels, and only once per level. You gain everything from the paragon class as normal, for the exception it is not calculated within your level adjustment.
  • You may purchase one feat in which you qualify for, in return, you must accept a flaw given to you by your DM. The flaw is equal to the feat, and will usually enhance the already present flavor of your PC. The flaw is used more as a RP device rather then a handicap – though it can be as such. The DM will keep in mind you bought this as a benefit (the negative will never out do the positive). You may have 1 of these for every 4 levels.
  • You may add a +2 to any ability score, but this can not be done more then once to any stat, and can only be done once every 7 levels.

10 DM Points:

  • You, through RP means, gain a powerful contact, that may aid you in settle but potent ways through out your current PC’s career. They often have connections to a black market, perhaps they own a magical healing bath house, or has a massive network of spies in which they can give you intel about the latest affairs of the realm. (This is 10 points f or a reason, as thus far, is the most potent benefit).

Misc Purchases with DM Points:

  • A caster or smith that is capable of crating magical items through feats or skills must not only meet the magical item cost requirement, but more importantly, the DM Cost. For each caster level of the item being made it will cost 1.5 points (rounded down) per level. This represents the viable life force that is viable to fuel the magical item.
  • A steampunk device created can not be more powerful then a fifth level spell, but only cost one DM point per caster level to create.
  • You may use 2.5 DM points per caster level of a magical item to be bought at a location. The location must be valid (Rosenburg for Druidic things, City of Magi for wizard things, and the Holy Draconic Empire for it’s things). These points are rounded down after the sum is calculated.
  • You may decrease the cost of purchasing or creating magical or steampunk items by 5% for each 1 DM point you put towards the purchase or creation of the item. It must at least cost 1000 gold per caster level of said item, and must still have a reasonable lab or such to work with.

If you have ideas for DM Point purchases, let me know, if you believe you have any suggestions in regards to such, please lets talk about it. The DM Points are meant to aid the game where traditional leveling doesn’t exist, as well as curving the stingy DM’s greed in seeing PC’s suffer. Less jokingly, it is simply meant to enhance and streamline the gameplay in a positive manner.







2 Responses to “DM Points.”

  1. very nice. indeed these changes look interesting and can help with the gaming. I do appoligize for my not being there AGAIN, i had made plans to stay at my sisters so i could, as some of you know i lost my glasses and wallet in the damned river, so i had to make the trip back to foley for my spare pair from 8th grade…ugh… i hate glasses…anyhow, i was online at almost eight and texted brian, i sat online for a few and about 845 i figured perhaps you wernt playing, or perhaps you went on without me. I move on the 27th to wentzville so games can resume as usual, or some what usual. It does need to be mentioned i go in for surgery on sept 1st, and will “recover” in four weeks time, i am sure i can play, though i am needing to find out how work will continue or if i will be on full medical leave until i am released by the doctors. I will keep everyone informed when i know more about this. Also, i know “skyping” isnt the way we planned to do gaming sessions, i know my living in BFE and not a valid driver really sucks and my not being there for sessions is a drain on the party but during my recovery i hope you all will bare with me as i may have to resort to skype session(s) to continue playing. And jeremy keep me informed if i need to cover any sessions you might not be able to work on or finish due to work and school , so i can be prepared for that sunday….. DND PARTY ON!!

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