Shemdelver D20 “The Second Age”

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After years of being untouched, the Shemdelver campaign will be undergoing a major update to be playable for a campaign I will be DM’ing. The Realm of Shemdelver, ‘The Second Age’ is a realm where the mighty Balor Empire has recently fallen. Despite the Empire’s evil domination over the realm, it brought many technological advancements to the realms, called steamcraft. Now, thanks to an ancient spell rumored to be cast by a cult of wizards, the realm is free. It came with a price though, as the ancient and forbidden spell created an Armageddon, and though certain city-states have collaborated together to make loosely governed empires, the land is in turmiol and the people have been cut off from any divine intervention or aid. Steamcraft technology may be found across the lands, and only the Goblins of Abbaklrenic have started the process of reverse enigneering some the devices. The undead roam freely through out the lands, arcane abominations haunt the realms as they seek destruction, great arcane and steamcraft artifacts from the past threaten the very existence of the realm all while the remaining life on Shemdelver fight for existence. The Realm of Shemdelver is a realm devoid of Divine Magic, with undead, steamcraft constructs and abominations lurking at every corner. A fantasy steam-punk hybrid scenario of the wild west and the fall of the Roman Empire. Welcome to Shemdelver.


Wordpress is kicking my ass

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Well, I’ve fixed the Clockwork race, made world map, timeline, and I would like to finish the fluff of every race.  HOWEVER, for some odd reason my pages won’t update, instead; everytime I try to save my work I get an alert prompt stating that if I go away from the page, all work will not be saved.  So I’m at a stalemate.  I checked the FAQs, and no answers to my problem exist.

Alas, here is the intel on the updates:

Clockworks:  Thier is now only one type of Clock work, the Coretapper.  I have also added to racial relations and religion.

World Map:  Its Huge!  It was made in Photoshop CS2, and has every island-state, and each capital and city of the respected Island-state.  I believe thier are about eight major land masses, one which is shared by the goblins and kobolds.  With as many cities thier are, I have created a major task for myself to tackle.  I plan on IMAP’ing the Worldmap where you can zoom into different sections to see a zoomed in detialed map of that paticular region.  Each state has at least 2 cities, and up to about 9 cities.  Though most hold about 5.

Timeline:  The timeline is probably the only project I have tackled that will make this project easier.  It will probably see a couple modifications through out the creation of Shemdelver, but its a step in the right direction.

I would also like to note I have added the main langauges of Shemdelver.  Let it be known these are not the only langauges, but the mainstream ones.  I will have to edit each races natural and bonus langauges accordingly.

Shemdelver Update.

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Well, I had writers block for a couple days, and I think I’ve come to terms with my creative vibe.  Anyways, I figured I would make some more adjustments to the campaign, thats already implemented.  ( I know thier isn’t a lot by any means), but still.   The modifications I’d like to make are mainly on the clockworks, I’ll which will probably get an overhual on stats and appearance.  They will remained small size, and half constructs, however I’m getting rid of the different sub-types.  Making subtypes I believe, might deter players from picking other races.  So I’m going to fix it up a bit.  I’m also going to start a timeline right after this post.  The timeline will just be an outline for me to figure out the history and the order of what happen when.  I have many events that I want to take place in Shemdelver, but the when is a problem.  So I’ll figure that out soon as I can.  I figured starting a Timeline would help.  Besides that, I would like to apologize for my horrible grammer and all my typos I make on this blog.  I don’t pretend to be a english major, but my vocabulary tends to extend pass my grammer and spelling knowledge.

Well, we all know I have too much work for one guy to tackle, so I best get started.  Maybe I’ll get done before 4.0 comes out.

Goblins and Clockworks

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The Goblins and Clockwork descriptions and racial traits are now fully complete. Right now I’m trying to flush out the detials on the Ebyys and Gnomes. I am also working on a Campaign map in Photoshop. It will probably be rather crude, so if thier are any self-proclaimed map-makers out thier, your assistance in making it look better would be great. Shemdelver is a very small earth, with a good handful of islands. I will probably make the world map first, then afterwards, make regional maps. Another thing I’ll be working on is modifying the Warforge feats found in Eberron to fit my Clockworks. I will be doing each task on and off, until I have a brillant idea to pin down the concept I have in mind for a paticular part of the campaign I’ll be working on (does that make any sense?).

O, one more thing.  The remaining of the Old Races: Humans and Halfings are not yet added to the database.  Humans will be remaining exactly the same as in the PHB with an ECL 0 rating.  Halfings however, I envisioned as a nomatic sea going people, and will be making the adjustments accordingly.  Halfings will however, be ECL 0 as well.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys later.

Welcome to the world of Shemdelver

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Shemdelver is a campaign setting for AD&D D20 system.  It is 100% Homebrewed, with help from many opensources, (especially the races), and I would like to give thanks to the official boards of AD&D at

As you can tell Shemdelver is still a work in progress, and any comments or ideas, as long as they are constructive, is strongly encouraged.  This could include mechanical issues, balancing, or flavor of some aspects of the world.

Below is a short ROUGH DRAFT behind the whole idea of Shemdelver, though it may be changed later for more of a ‘realistic’ feel to it.

Shemdelver is supposed to be a post Steampunk based game, where the governments hold much of the wealth, and the middle class is pratically extinct.  The Ancient technology of the previous age are perserved by the various governments, and are mostly controlled by them as well.  In the Ancient Wars machines, biomancy, necromancy, and odd arcane magic was used in the most un-imaginable ways to spell defeat to the enemies.  1000 years have passed, and civilization has ben built on top of the ashes of the once bustling and thriving kingdoms of old.  The Old Races, (Goblins, Kobolds, Humans, and Halfings) are the only reniments from the pass, as all other ancient races, long forgotten have died; except the Clockworks, whos very existance is a mystery to all men.  They each have found a new way to survive and work together in this new age of fathom, illness, and poverty as old alliences have been forgotten.  A new species of people have sprouted from the Ancient war, the reason no one really knows, but include the people of the Fey: Gnomes and Elfs.  The celestial like people named the _____  have also come to existance, and are accredited to ending the Ancient War. The Dwarves, whom by a chance of the Arcane practices of the Ancient War, have also came into existance on this plane, previously natives of the elemental planes.

In this time of a uneasy peace, cruel plots are thickening, patience is thinning, and the lives of countless men are hanging in the balance.

Together, with new faces roaming the Island world of Shemdelver, the races have learn to live in a very unsteady peace.