Races of Shemdelver

Shemdelver is a low-magic campaign setting, with a few steampunk technologies thrown into the mix (such as airships, guns, and clockworks). Shemdelver is not an easy place to survive, and due to this races have been altered to aid PC’s in surviving the realm with the lack of magical items.

The major changes in regards to races:

  • They are designed to be equal in power, roughly LA+1 in accordance to SRD races of Pathfinder or 3.5
  • All the people of Shemdelver are imbued with the spellweave, a natural phenomena that corresponds with one’s life force. Thus all the people of Shemdelver, despite race, are divided into multiple categories, the third being rare (yet increasingly more common). The distinction between the types are rarely seen, except those who manifest themselves in a great way (such as becoming a hero, a life & death situation, etc).
    The Talented:  The talented are often found at early ages, and sought after by the City of Towers or by the Occult. The Talented usually has a greater connection to the spell-weave and often become some sort of arcane caster.
    The Gifted: The most common of the three, the Gifted are those who are connected to the spellweave, however, the spellweave manipulates the Gifted by fate. Those that are connected to the spellweave, but no talented, are the Gifted. The Gifted are able to choose a Spellweave Path that scales as they level. If a PC is a hybrid caster/non-caster class, the PC subtracts his total Caster level (feats included, such as “practice spellcaster”) away from his Spellweave path to figure out his Gifted level. When the connection to the spellweave is ignored, it often manifest by it’s own jurisdiction. Those  that are talented, but ignores this connection, but still possesses the ability to cast the highest level spells of his class looses all gifted abilities. The Spellweave Paths are chosen at character creation, and may not be changed. Look under Races & Spellweave Paths for a selection to choose from. Those who are talented by deviate from the path are still considered the talented by the masses (such as the occult), yet are often loose face with those with the talent, wasted potential.
    The Unseen: A blessing to others, and a curse to some. What would a world without magic be like? Those who are considered unseen lack the spellweave connection all together, and have no control over arcane forces. In some lands they are cherished, while in others considered an abomination. Regardless, they are likely to draw the same amount of attention as the Talented. The unseen gain the following abilities:

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