The Realm of Shemdelver is cut off from many of the material and energy planes, as it is only connected to the lower planes, which are also cut off from the rest. Due this, the Black Vial, the undead frequently roam Shemdelver, and all those that live eventually become an undead. Some individuals, through reasons unknown to the greatest sages of arcane lore, raise as Necrovenants. Necrovenants look just like their base race, except they have dry, powdery skin that is withered and the color of ash. Their eyes are lifeless and pale with no visible pupils. Lastly, a pale and hardly visible and very transparent wisp of gray smoke follows the Necrovenant as it hovers above his right shoulder, said to be his soul. For reasons unexplained, only Humes, Asuras, and Elves become Necrovenants. Though Asuras loose the coordination and motor skills required to properly use its tail. All racial abilities from the previous race do not benefit the Necrovenant.

Necrovenant’s are usually looked upon with petite mistrust by most communities and have a hard time fitting in if they do not hide their particular racial characteristics. Necrovenants only recall small amounts of their memories from when they were living, perhaps 3 or 4 memories, and they retain no skills, talents, or connections from their living life.

Necrovenant Racial Traits:

  • +4 Strength, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
  • Necrovenant’s do not have a constitution score.
  • At each level a Necrovenant rolls a 1d12 for Hit Points per class level instead of the normal dice rolled.
  • Necrovenant’s are medium size.
  • Necrovenants heal naturally as any other creature, but cannot be healed by potions made by the herbalist feat or heal skill. They do however heal from direct contact with negative energy.
  • A Necrovenant receives a +3 to all spells and affects that target the undead specifically.
  • Necrovenants are considered to be of the undead type, and qualify for any abilities, PrC’s, or feats for the undead type.
  • Darkvision up to 60 feet.
  • Necrovenants does not need to sleep or eat, but will need rest to recover mana or other related abilities accordingly.
  •  Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects)
  • Once a Necrovenant is at 0 hitpoints, the character is treated as being at -10, dead…again.
  • Immune to all affects that require fortitude save except for those that affect objects as well, and the spellweave. Use the Charisma modifier instead of Constitution to determine mutation threshold of the Necrovenant, or any other effect or check that would require a constitution check.
  • Necrovenant’s are immune to critical hits, sneak attack abilities, non-lethal damage, and ability drains, as the undead. They are also immune to spells that effect the living, but are effected by spells or abilities that target the soul.
  • A Necrovenant Massive Threshold only comes into consideration when a critical hit is struck, this is the only circumstance that the Necrovenant is affected by the Massive Threshold rule or critical hit rule. The critical hit acts as a normal hit for the exception of having the Necrovenant being exposed to Massive Threshold. (This represents the classic undead having his brains shot out, and being murdered, yet his lower torso could be separated from the rest of her body and still be living).
  • Due to Necrovenant’s being strongly intune with the negative energies of Shemdelver, they are able to Detect Undead at will.

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